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Personalised Gifts for All Occasions, We are an established family business that has been trading on the High Streets of North West England for over 30 years. happened after a rainy afternoon spent looking at our business model. We are an established family business that has been trading on the High Streets of North West England for over 30 years and we felt it was time to get into the 21st Century and join the world of E-Commerce. Synchronicity played a huge part in this decision, as a family friend who has worked in the dot com industry for over 10 years, suddenly had a decision to make after her maternity leave. This seemed too good an opportunity to miss - SO HERE WE ARE! We are all working really hard to provide our customers with quality, unusual products and experiences, not forgetting our ever popular personalised selection. We offer a customer focused service as we know how important you are after 30 years on the High Street, We will always listen to your requests and any suggestions or ideas you have, as we are relatively new to this type of trading but are expanding and growing month by month. Thank you to all our supporters and followers so far If you wish to join our growing band of followers and receive exclusive offers and previews please sign up HERE

We offer a wide range of gifts from brands including elephant parade, Orchard Toys, Spirit of Air, Abbey Road, Rock The Custard, Spineless Classics, Vintage Playing Cards, Bomb Cosmetics, From You To Me, Happy Jackson and many many more so be sure to bookmark Gifts4Gifts and keep checking back for more awesome gifts.

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Owl Contact Lens Case

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Owl Contact Lens Case

I don't think storing your contact lens could be any cuter or fun than this great Owl Lens Case.

With its big eyes which cleverly lift open to present two compartments to place your contact lens in and keep them safe.

The design is leak proof and can hold both hard and soft contact lens so you need not worry about any spills whilst in your bag

. The item is made from sturdy ABS Plastic and comes in three colour options, Pink, Blue and Green.

This would make a perfect gift for anyone who it hooty about Owls or someone who wants to add a bit of fun into their contacts storage!

  "This is such a cute gift for someone, it actually makes me wish I had contacts!" Gemma At Gifts4Gifts

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